About Project

The Radiology Outcomes Research Laboratory (RORL) at UCSF is focused on studying the impact of medical imaging on health, minimizing the harms of medical imaging, and providing rigorous evidence to aid policymakers regarding use of medical imaging. RORL is primarily concerned with appropriateness of computed tomography (CT) as well as the doses with which they are administered.

Purpose of the Partnership for DOSE Study

  • To explore variation in doses used for diagnostic CT by pooling radiation dose data across diverse healthcare delivery systems.
  • To identify the barriers and facilitators to implementing successful dose optimization strategies and standardizing practice.


  • 5 year project: November 2014 - September 2019
  • March 2015 Begin scan data collection:
  • February 2016 Collection of baseline survey
  • June 2016 Track A - Deliver initial audit report intervention
  • For futher detailed track-specific timelines click here

Funding Sources

  • National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute
  • Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute